Lean service processes with Lean Service

In addition to customer-oriented development of new services, lean and efficient processes are success factors for professional services. With Lean Service, a concept based on Lean Production, we systematically and methodically help slim down and accelerate processes. Lean Service and optimal pricing can significantly boost your services profit.

Service strategy

  • Competitive positioning
  • developing service strategy and business model
  • changing business culture
  • adjusting organisation
  • performance management

clear goal-setting

Lean Service

  • Identifying waste with the 7 Muda
  • establishing core processes through the 5K System
  • process support
  • toolbox with tested methods

lean processes

Service development

  • Hybrid, product-specific
  • independent services
  • systemising development process
  • integrating customer’s point of view
  • established and innovative development methods

quick development

Service marketing

  • Customer experience for customer loyalty and value
  • price management and benefit from the client’s perspective
  • customisation
  • improving service quality

more revenue and clients

Case Studies

Process opimisation for landline customer

Streamlined telecommunications more
Schoen + Company - Case Study Vodafone
»The biggest challenge is to excite the client.«
Prof. Noriaki Kano, Science University of Tokyo
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