Build a star law firm!

No matter what your present state, with a well thought-out strategy you can achieve your objectives.

Schoen + Company develops goals and strategies with you for the successful differentiation of your law firm in the market. We interview, analyse and segment your clients for a purposeful client development. With a marketing plan tailored to your law firm and its resources, we enable you to promptly and efficiently acquire new clients. We make your valuable working time more profitable by optimising the decision-making structures and systems of your law office, as well as the processes, from client acquisition to billing.

Strategic positioning

  • strategy development and positioning
  • competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • mergers and post-merger integration
  • profit distribution models
  • pricing models

clear target

Client development

  • analysis and improvement of client structure
  • client surveys
  • key client programs
  • cross selling
  • panel management

increased sales and revenues

Marketing effectiveness

  • strategic marketing plans
  • sales and marketing tools
  • analysis of client potential
  • acquisition of new clients
  • market analysis
  • contact management

successful acquisition

Organizational effectiveness

  • process standardization
  • admin & support optimization
  • management structures
  • performance management and controlling tools
  • innovation management
  • internal survey

lean processes

Case Studies

Clients in the spotlight

Determining customer needs by client survey more

Law firm efficiency

Optimising processes to boost profits more
Schoen + Company Case Study RP Processes

White Paper

»A knife of the keenest steel requires the whetstone, and the wisest man needs advice.«
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